Straps – Reusable Cable Ties – Black


10 Straps per pack

Holds cables in place

Shorter & wider for stability (150mm x 20mm)

Can be used again and again

Use in your rig, behind your desk, or anywhere

The perfect complement to Reaper Cable PSU Extensions



The Only Tie You'll Ever Need

Say goodbye to standard plastic cable ties. Straps cable ties can be used all over your setup and within your PC, as well as around the house.

Due to their reusable “hook and loop” design, they can wrap around cables of varying sizes and hold them firmly in place.

Available in both Black and White – to suit most theme aesthetics.

The Possibilities are Endless

-A unique look for your GPU cables

-Holding together your AIO tubing

-Combining the mess round the back of your system

-Tidying the cable city behind your living room unit

-Even handy for non-cable related tasks

Made to Last

Simply unwrap your Straps cable ties from their current home and move them to a new destination. No need to cut or throw-out anything as with traditional cable ties.

Quality materials ensure hold strength is retained, even after multiple uses.

10 Straps per pack – Just one pack of Straps goes a long way!

Pictures are for illustrative purposes only. Please allow for slight variations in colour. This product listing is for a pack of 10 Straps in Black.

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