Building your own PC is extremely rewarding. Lots of time and effort can go into sourcing all the right parts, making sure they are all compatible with each other, and selecting a colour scheme and aesthetic that makes you proud to show it off to your friends and fellow builders.

You buy your parts, put your new rig together, and hook everything up to your shiny new PSU. Then you see them – the ketchup and mustard cables. Even with tidy cable management or a higher-end PSU that boasts black cables, you can’t help but feel you need a little more. But where do you start?


  • Where can I get cables that will last?
  • What resistance do the cables need to be?
  • What length works best for most builds?
  • Which cables will I need to hook-up my whole build?
  • What on earth is paracord?

At Reaper, we believe in bringing quality PSU extensions to everyone, and simplifying the whole buying process, all without the eye-watering price tags often associated with PSU extensions.

All our extensions come in 30 cm lengths, have thicker cables for fewer gaps and better airflow, are offered in a range of distinctive yet clean colour combinations, and are built to last with a 3-year replacement warranty. So whether you’re a first-time builder or a veteran computer enthusiast, you can always get that next-level look by choosing Reaper.

Technical Specs of all Extensions

30 cm Lengths

Female to male connections

UL certified 34-core 18AWG/16AWG (Premiums) tinned copper electrical wire with 99.99% copper composition (very high quality)

Black nylon connectors and tinned copper/gold (Premiums) terminals with 99.99% copper composition

4mm PET sleeving

Clear acrylic/Aluminium (Premiums) cable combs with a thickness of 5mm/2.5mm (Premiums)

Weight of individual cables: 24-Pin = 136 g, 4+4-Pin = 44 g, 6+2-Pin = 44 g, 6-Pin = 37 g


We are confident in the quality of our goods, and therefore believe you should not experience any hiccups. As such, we offer a 3-year replacement warranty on all our extensions. This covers the damage of goods in transit, upon arrival, or via no fault of your own when in normal use. Simply let us know about the issue, send the defective goods back to us, and we will send out replacement items as soon as they are received.

The warranty is exercised at our own discretion and thorough testing will be conducted upon receiving returned items.


Within the UK

To keep things simple, postage is free for all our Extension Kits. As well as this, all our individual cables have a flat-rate postage cost of £2.99. If you are ordering one item, or 10, this will remain unchanged.

All orders will be sent out within one day. Within the UK, all orders are sent to arrive in 48 working hours.

Within Europe

For those outside the UK but ordering within Europe, we also offer free shipping on our sets. If you are unable to purchase via your country but are offered an Amazon link on the product listing, please use the link to purchase via Amazon. For European orders, please allow 3-5 working days for most countries, and an additional few days for more remote areas.

Worldwide shipping outside Europe

We now offer worldwide shipping on our custom extension cables. These delivery times can differ from standard stock, so please see our shipping breakdown here for more information.

Shipping for our standard cable sets is currently also available in select regions where our cable kits are sold and fulfilled by Amazon marketplaces. At the moment this is possible in the US, Canada, Mexico, and Australia, and will be expanding further soon. Please shop via the provided Amazon link in the item description, where available.

Peace of mind

We are a fully-insured company based in the UK and care about all of our customers. If you have any inquiries about our products, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Additional Help

If you need any further information about Reaper Cable, please contact us via email. Alternatively, drop us a message via Facebook or Instagram.

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