See below for answers to our most commonly-asked questions. For anything not listed below, please contact help@reapercable.com

Techincal Specs of all Extensions

30 cm Lengths

Female to male connections

UL certified 34-core 18AWG/16AWG (Premiums) tinned copper electrical wire with 99.99% copper composition (very high quality)

Black nylon connectors and tinned copper/gold (Premiums) terminals with 99.99% copper composition

4mm PET sleeving

Clear acrylic/Aluminium (Premiums) cable combs with a thickness of 5mm/2.5mm (Premiums)

Weight of individual cables: 24-Pin = 136 g, 4+4-Pin = 44 g, 6+2-Pin = 44 g, 6-Pin = 37 g

Please see the below video for how to install:

Yes, they are extension cables and therefore connect to your existing PSU cables. This means the connection on the Power Supply Unit itself isn’t changed and the cables therefore work with any model PSU.

We are confident in the quality of our goods, and therefore believe you should not experience any hiccups. As such, we offer a 3-year replacement warranty on all our extensions. This covers the damage of goods in transit, upon arrival, or via no fault of your own when in normal use. Simply let us know about the issue, send the defective goods back to us, and we will send out replacement items as soon as they are received.

No. Many of the misconceptions over PSU Extension Cables come from incorrect usage or modular cables (cables that connect directly into your PSU). Quality extensions are a simple copper throughput for your stock PSU cables and there is no risk in using them. They cannot send electrical signals to the incorrect location, nor can they modify the power passed through them.

The cables are extensions for your existing PSU cables – they do not fit directly into the PSU itself.

This is deliberate. PET sleeving is rigid in order to hold a steady curve in a PC case for years in to the future. Softer cables can be easier to work with for the 5 minutes it takes to install them, but may lose shape over time, meaning more work for you later! Softer cables can also be more prone to marking and damage as they are used.

We offer worldwide shipping on our custom cables. Please see the shipping cost breakdown page here for more details. This is automatically calculated at checkout depending on your country of residence.

For our standard cable sets, we currently ship to the UK, USA, Canada, EU, Mexico, and Australia. If purchasing direct is disabled via our official site in your region, a link to our Amazon storefront should be offered on the product page. Shipping for standard sets is usually 1-3 days, but please allow up to 7 days.

Many 8+4-Pin connections are for overclocking CPUs. If you do not intend to overclock, using the 8-Pin port alone is often enough. If you are unsure, please check your motherboard manual for clarification on this. Alternatively, you can purchase an additional single 4+4-Pin cable, or (as they are often tucked away in the top of PC cases), you could leave the stock PSU cables in the additional 4-Pin port.

We find that 2 combs are usually enough to hold a nice tidy curve within most cases. You can also support the back end of the cables with our Straps. Additionally, our combs are made from acrylic and have a higher production cost than plastic combs, so we want to keep our price competitive for the builder.

We find that the closed-style cable combs slide up and down the cable much easier, and allow for simple adjustment mid build. They are also made of a higher quality acrylic material when compared to softer, plastic open-style combs – so they look better, work better, and last longer.

Unfortunately, as each custom cable is unique and cannot be resold, user-chosen errors in the creation process of a custom cable set cannot be refunded. Refunds are still available in the rare case of faulty goods, and these will need to be tested upon return to the studio before a refund can be issued.

Curved cables can allow for easier manipulation of cables when bending around a PC case, often making building less stressful. However, they are not ideal for all builds and cases. If you are unsure, we recommend straight cables that will remove any of the guesswork and can be reused in future upgrades/builds.

The clip is on the male end of the extension. Most traditional builds would require the clip to be on the inside of the curve on a 24-Pin & 4+4-Pin cable, but the 6-Pin & 8-Pin GPU cables will vary. Please ensure you check all cables with your components before buying, as curved cables cannot be bent back the other way and refunds/replacements cannot be offered on these grounds.

Please check out the Sleeving Preview photo reel under each custom tool, or check us out on social media via Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or TikTok for some awesome machines built using our cables.

Please allow 3-4 weeks for delivery due to the custom nature of the product. An expedited service is also offered at checkout (where available) in some countries. A worldwide shipping cost breakdown can be found here.

In those countries where it is possible to buy both standard cables and custom cables together, we will ship them separately. This is because our standard finished goods are kept outside our studio, so they will likely arrive at different times. Typically, standard cables will arrive much sooner than custom orders. Please expect this when ordering in this way.

Tax is country-specific and will change given the location of the customer. As all countries have differing rules and regulations regarding tax, there may be additional charges on our cables when clearing the border of your country. These charges will not be refunded by us.

However, if you are in the EU, we take a remit tax at the checkout stage via out partner Taxamo, to ensure your cables arrive without the need to pay import taxes. Likewise, many countries will not need import taxes paid on small consignments.

We find that for the vast majority of packages delivered by our courier partners, no import taxes and fees will be due, but please take this into account when ordering.

For those within the EU:

When ordering custom items, the tax will be displayed on your order page as “custom item tax”. If ordering standard items, the standard items will be taxed separately under “VAT”. This is because our custom item tax is handled by our partner Taxamo and therefore invoiced by them. We do this to abide by the EU IOSS rules and ensure your package does not have any further fees associated with it upon entry into your country of residency.

This allows you to simply pay the price displayed at the checkout stage and have peace of mind knowing that your package will then be delivered without any issues.

However, by EU law, there is a limit of €150 per order that we can cover taxes on. Any orders above this cost will be subject to normal import fees and taxes and covered by the customer at all times. We will not be able to help reimburse any fees associated with importing orders over €150, so please consider ordering in two transactions to avoid this if necessary.

For any further assistance on tax, feel free to reach out to us and we will do our best to assist.

Many enthusiasts rely on the semi-fixed nature of the cables to modify and create their own colour combinations, so it’s important that we do not create completely fixed cables (modifying your own cables is not covered by our warranty, so we do not recommend this). Though rare, due to the nature of the cable connections, it is possible for a pin to come loose. If this happens to you, please check the instruction manual for a quick guide on how to reconnect the pin. This will be effective in most cases, but if you are having trouble, please contact help@reapercable.com and we will assist further.

Definitely! Come visit us on any of our social channels or email help@reapercable.com and we will do our best to get you featured and show your creation to our community.