PSU Extension Kit – White & Carbon


Each PSU Extension Kit includes:

1x 24-Pin ATX Extension

1x 4+4 Pin EPS Extension

2x 8 Pin PCI-e Extensions

2x 6 Pin PCI-e Extensions

2x Clear Cable Combs on every cable

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Power Supply Unit Extensions are the perfect way to create a rig that matches your vision, while offering quality power distribution around your whole build. Our extensions can be used in conjunction with all PSUs, improving the aesthetic and airflow of any computer, from the tightest budget build, to an enthusiast’s next monster project. This listing is for a full PSU Extension Cable Kit in White & Carbon. Check our FAQs for more info, including an installation guide.

Heatshrink-less Design

Thicker Cables

All cables are constructed without the use of heatshrink, to give a cleaner look to any build. Tight crimps and a snug connection within the connector block ensure no loose cables or loss of power to your equipment.

4mm diameter cables offer a higher quality finish when compared to standard 2-3 mm offerings. Less space between each individual cable add to the flow of your rig, keeping everything tidy and adding stability between connections.

Quality Sleeving

No need to worry about sagging cables or high maintenance cable management, as rigid PET sleeving allows for cables to keep their shape over long periods of time. A vast choice of colours ensures you can build for specific themes, or experiment with new looks.


Cable Combs

_DSC2296 (3) (1)

We prefer closed-style combs that are fixed, as they are easier to slide up and down the cables and are less likely to break. The rounded design allows for easier positioning when compared to other clip-on style cable combs. Simply slide the comb up and down the cable to position where necessary.



As opposed to traditional polybag packaging that allows for cables to twist and bend, our custom cardboard packaging ensures all cables are kept as straight as possible during transit, so you can get the look you want straight out the box.

Our standard sets are currently available in the UK, USA, Canada, EU, Mexico, and Australia. If purchasing direct is disabled via our official site in your region, a link to our Amazon storefront should be offered on this page. Shipping is usually 1-3 days, but please allow up to 7 days.

Overview of Features

Compatible with all PSUs

Simple installation

All extension cables are female to male connections

30 CM in length

UL certified 18 AWG cable for stability over time

Insulation resistance of 5+ Mohms

Thicker 4mm cables for neater finish

Premium quality PET sleeving

Completely heatshrink-less design for cleaner builds

Improves airflow

Rigid by design to keep shape with time

2 cable combs included as standard

Packaged flat to avoid twists and kinks

3-year warranty

For more information, see our About page or FAQs

Pictures are for illustrative purposes only. Please allow for slight variations in colour. This listing is for a full PSU Extension Cable Kit in White & Carbon.

If you are a builder or enthusiast that takes high quality pictures of their finished rigs, get in touch via or drop us a message on Facebook or Instagram to discuss sponsorship.